Looking At Sonos: Why Every Family Needs Some

Music is important. Numerous studies prove that music can help us concentrate better, sleep better or feel better. Having quality speakers in your home not only improves your life but also wins you instant bragging rights. Which speaker is right for you, your home and your life?

Do the millions of songs, radio channels and sounds on the internet make you feel as excited as a kid in a candy store? Do you love the latest voice activated gadgets? Then Sonos One is the one for you. With a powerful microphone system One will allow you to effortlessly control your music without lifting a finger.

If the idea of something spying on your conversations freaks you out, perhaps have a look at the PLAY range. PLAY:1 has the same dimensions (6.36x 4.69×4.69in) as the one but even at its small size the two internal speakers pack quite a punch. Significantly smaller than the PLAY:3, this is a space saving option.

The bigger option is the PLAY:3. Ideal for you if you need more oomph than the PLAY:1, but do not have space for the PLAY:5. The PLAY:3 provides significantly more base than the PLAY:1. If you need to fill a large room with good sounds the PLAY:5 is for you. The only one in the range with an additional audio point that allows additional connections. This means easier sharing of music to one, or the whole speaker system.

A more function specific speaker range is the Music for TV range, with additional choices to be made. Although all these speakers can be used on their own to stream music they have a cable that allows connection to a TV. The choices here are easier as the functions of each are more defined. The easiest add on to your current system, the PLAYBAR might be the solution. Crisp, clear sound and the PLAYBAR can be controlled with your current remote. The PLAYBASE on the other hand might be more suitable to start your home entertainment system as it provides a platform for your TV to rest on and a well rounded sound range.

The Sub speaker is in a class of it’s own and is the one for you if you need extra base. The internal architecture delivers excellent sound with no rattle. This is a good addition to any Sonos speaker.

Bear in mind that your personal Sonos system can easily be expanded, so no worries if you desperately want them all but life only lets you choose one.