Best EcoVacs Deebot

EcoVac have only been around since 2006. Looking at their website they have an extremely large range of robot vacuums and mops, too many to keep track of. Sometimes that’s a bad thing because it’s bound to compromise quality throughout the choices. They also have WinbotsAtmobots and in store Benebots.

Winbots: A robotic window cleaner? Yes please.

Atmobots: Can’t live without your air-purifier and not keen on moving it from room to room? Atmobot will move for you.

Benebots: You guessed it, Ecovac has in-store interactive robot sales help.

If you are looking for a new brand to try, EcoVac has 3 leading models on All three will please the budget conscious and one of them will even mop your floors. All priced under $300. How do they compare and what are the reviews like?

All three feature

  • Smart motion
  • Won’t fall off stairs
  • Infrared anti-collision sensors and a bumper rail
  • Auto charging
  • Remote control movement if required
  • Recharge times between 3-5 hours
  • Can be scheduled to clean while you are out
  • None have virtual walls

Deebot M82

  • It’s white with 4 cleaning modes— Auto, Spot, Edge and single room
  • 150 minutes battery life
  • Barefloor and carpet
  • Relies on main brush and suction
  • No app or Wi-Fi
  • Bin compartment is 450 ml          
  • Needs a clear path to do its job but can navigate around obstacles like furniture

With 190 reviews on, this vacuum holds a 4 star rating. Issues concerning suction, getting stuck and problems with docking are among a small percentage.

Deebot N79

With over 2900 reviews on, this machine boasts 4.5 stars with 67% giving it 5 stars. Issues are listed as having some navigation problems, getting stuck, being light on suction and being a bit random with its cleaning pattern.

Deebot N78

  • It’s Black with 3 cleaning modes— Auto, Spot and Edge
  • 110 minutes battery life
  • Barefloor and carpet
  • Relies on suction guaranteeing no tangles with hair
  • No app           
  • Bin compartment is 500 ml
  • Optional mop attachment

The cheapest of the 3, this vacuum has over 1380 reviews and holds a 4 star rating. Reviewers concerns are with navigation, getting stuck on borders between rooms and the mop not being great.