Counter Strike Global Offensive Skins

A fairly recent phenomenon in the Counter Strike: Global Offensive universe are skins. Skins change the look of a particular weapon, and players love them. CS GO introduced skins during the Arms Deal update to the game, and they’ve been gaining in popularity ever since. Even though they don’t change the functionality of a weapon or increase firepower, CS GO players are willing to spend hundreds of dollars in trade in the Steam Market. Skins are a way to personalize a player’s weapons and give them a little more personality. Newer players may wonder how to get the Souvenir skins. These are obtained through watching esports tournament matches on GOTV or Twitch. This is the only way players can get Souvenir skins, unless they buy them (trade) in the Steam Market.

One aspect of skins that is causing confusion, especially with newer players of CS GO, is the exterior quality of the skin. The exterior quality is the apparent wear and tear on the weapon, making it look new or like it has seen a lot of action. Newer players may wonder that if the skins they buy will degrade over time, appearing more worn the longer they own the skin. While it’s easy to see the misunderstanding, the exterior quality of the skin doesn’t change once it’s purchased. It will look just as new (or ancient) as the day it was purchased after countless battles. The hierarchy of the exterior quality is New, Minimal Wear, Field-Tested, Well-Worn and Battle-Scarred. Just as skins don’t change the functionality of the weapon, neither does the exterior quality of the skin. It is simply a matter of player preference for a particular look or finish. 

Many players have wondered if it is possible to create their own skins and submit them to Steam. Players can use Valve’s Weapons Finishes Guide to begin creating unique weapon skins. They can then upload them to the Steam Workshop. If Steam decides to use a player’s skin design, that player will receive a percent of the profits Steam makes from trading of that skin in the Steam Market. Some players’ goal is to collect the Souvenir skins, or the rarest skins they can find. Others choose to collect the skins that may actually be beneficial to gameplay. Some skins can work as a camouflage to the weapon in particular environment. In theory, this could give a player a slight tactical advantage.